Consumer Engagement Executive Gojek

Consumer Engagement Executive Gojek

We are looking tor Consumer Engagement Executive with a solid experience in 360 marketing
with the understanding at local insight In Medan area.

Syarat Pekerjaan
  1. Minimum of bachelor degree from top local or overseas universities.
  2. Minimum of 3 years of experience in marketing related areas.
  3. Willing to relocate to Medan.
  4. Preferably native or has spent significant time ( >2 years) in representatives' area: strong network and knowledge about the district.
  5. Has an existing relationship or able to bridge, develop and maintain a good relationship with a key partner such as government stakeholders. 3rd party partners. communities. etc.
  6. Possess strong good understanding of the markets, customers, and competitors.
  7. Possess strong leadership, Interpersonal skills, & negotiation skills.
  8. Fact-based/number-oriented individual, who is comfortable working under pressure in a fast-paced and ambiguous environment.

Job Description
  1. Design. conceptualize & Implement local & HQ driven marketing campaigns & below the line activities for the city.
  2. Managing & supervise day to day consumer engagement activities.
  3. Ensure all consumer engagement activities will bo dolivorod with given target, accuracy. completeness. and timeliness.
  4. Evaluate tho effectiveness of all consumer ongagomont initiativos & activities.
  5. Externally supervise vendors/daily workers in executing projects in a regular basis.
  6. Internally work closely with direct manager to deliver district Initiatives and consumer engement activities.

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